- Asset Management - 
- Direct Mandates -

By entrusting your assets to 4E Capital as part of an asset management mandate, you no longer have to bear the additional and daily work of managing your investments.


Your needs, your financial goals and your risk tolerance are fully honored in a cost-efficient, professionally and diligently managed portfolio.

- Wealth & Family Office Services - 
- Unique Family Office Services -

Legacy is crucial for long-term wealth preservation. A Family Office is a unique solution, which is tailored to your family and your needs. 


As a Multi-Family Office, we provide you with professional, efficient and discreet support to manage the complexity of your family's wealth. Individualized solutions ensure that your personal values are passed on to the following generations.

- Personalized Solutions -

Regardless of how demanding your requirements and wishes are, we offer a wide range of sophisticated services.

As a competent partner and in cooperation with external specialists, we guide your family in the realization and supervision of personalized solutions. For instance, wealth management, art investments, estate planning, private equity, and others.

- Custodians - 
- Custodian Banks -

​​​​​​​When selecting the custodian banks, we devote the same prudence as in our investment selection.


We will be happy to advise you which custodian bank is best suited to your needs and objectives. Our custodian banks are located in Switzerland and abroad. If desired, custodian banks of your choice can be chosen as well.